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vid o the day — the lonely island – jizz in my pants

His Words – Not Mine

I just wanted to take the time to draw your attention to a little project the Famous M and I are involved in. We’re taking turns writing chapters of a novel. Chapter one from M and chapter two from me are already up. Your guess is as good as mine as to what M has […]

I’m acceptable for all audiences

Movin’ time

The Magnificent M has new digs. Go there.

‘Bout time

The Famous (and mysterious) M has finally stepped up to the blogosphere. What’s up with the anonymity? He used to put together a much-loved ‘zine every quarter for his friends and family, culling together rare tidbits from around the funnyspace. It is sorely missed. Hopefully Living-to-die will fill that void. Perhaps, it can fill some […]

LA Movie

Mike D. is a movie-making machine. Check out the first video episode from Cloak and Dagger Media.

Gundam greets the new year

Gundam Lantern Anyone want to help me build one? Thanks for the link, Dan.

time-lapse overload

A friend of mine volunteered her time schlepping chunks of concrete to help get Malibu Creek back to where she once belonged. This is the incredible time-lapse video of the monumental task.

she speaks in tongues

Click To Play dan, thanks for posting this. i can’t stop watching this. my kid is awesome.


The rawest depiction ever digitized.